Materials synthesis and treatment; Cleanrooms

Manufacturer and Model

Edwards - Auto 306


2 evaporation sources: single resistance evaporation source with clamps capable of holding filament, basket or boat evaporation sources.

2 sources for evaporation of organic materials:

  • provides precisely-controlled thermal evaporation of organic molecular material.
  • easily changeable crucible with 2cc capacity.
  • working temperature range of 50 to 600C.
  • direct-contact thermocouple for precise temperature measurement. Temperature control accuracy ±0.1C.

Sample work-holder: 

  • static fluid cooled and heated workholder with 100 mm usable diameter, -20 °C to + 90°C operation range.
  • external desktop closed-loop heater-cooler (-20 to +90 °C), with fluid reservoir and electronic temperature control.

Film thickness measuring system: 

  • quartz crystal thin film deposition system with digital display of deposition rate and deposition thickness (0.1nm – 3µm), information storage for 11 sputtering materials.
  • facility to control up to 2 source shutters automatically and close shutters when pre-programmed termination thickness values are achieved.

Applications and capabilities