Materials characterization; Spectroscopy methods and lasers

Manufacturer and Model

Sciencetech Inc. - SS150W


  • Light source: xenon lamp with AM1.5G filter corresponding to ASTM E927-05(2005) and IEC-904-9 standards
  • Spectral range: from 250 – 2500 nm wavelenght
  • Illumination intensity: 100 mW/cm2
  • Illuminted area: 7.6 cm (3″) diameter spot at a distance of 61 cm (24″)
  • Possibility to illuminate 5×5 cm (2″x 2″) sample

Applications and capabilities

Solar simulator is a standard for solar panel illumination. It is equipped with a light source that has a spectrum similliar to the Sun spectrum. Test samples must comply the basic principles of construction of a solar cell with a size of 10x10 cm2. Tool is used in combination with a voltage source and electrometer.