Materials synthesis and treatment; Cleanrooms

Manufacturer and Model

Raith - eLINE Plus


  • Minimum feature size: <10 nm
  • Substrate size: <100 mm
  • Beam energy range: 20 V to 30 kV
  • Writing field size: 0.5 μm to 2 mm
  • Field stitching: <40 mm
  • Substrate holders:
    • Universal sample holder - small pieces up to 2 inch wafer
    • 2 inch wafer holder
    • 3 inch wafer holder
    • 4 inch mask holder

Applications and capabilities

Ultra high resolution electron beam lithography system for nanofabrication on substrates up to 100 mm. Laser interferometer stage with resolution 1 nm. Secondary electron detectors for high resolution imaging. System equipped with load lock and Traxx and Periodixx features.

Traxx  - This unique function allows possibility to move the stage continously during an exposure. With this function it is possible to create long lines with arbitrary curvature without any stitching error at all.

Periodixx - MBMS exposure mode, the beam movement is defined such that the combination of repetitive patterning and synchronized continuous movement of the Laser Interferometer Stage results in stitch-free, strip-shaped periodic structures.