Materials synthesis and treatment

Manufacturer and Model

Diamond WireTec - DWS 100


Cutting speed: 0 to 4 m/s

Outer diameter of wire: 0.1 to 0.35 mm

Max. sample width/height: 85 x 85 mm

Max. sample weight: 0.5 kg

Applications and capabilities

Suitable for ceramic, plastic samples, not suitable for metals.

The diamond wire saw type DWS100 from Diamond WireTec is suited for the cutting of very small workpieces with cutting surfaces of up to 90 x 90 mm, e.g. for chips, LEDs, EPROMs, etc. The parts are fastened on a ceramic disc with special wax and then clamped and processed on a workpiece carrier. The sample can be easily removed from the ceramic disc after processing and easily and completely cleaned of the wax. The precision diamond wire saw consists of aluminium profiles, stainless steel elements and a stove-enamelled electric/control cabinet. The industrial-strength drive and control technology ensures sturdy and precise work. The ergonomic, integrated touch screen replaces many individual buttons and supports the user in every work step.