Project conferences and presentation of results

Conference Baltic Polymer Symposium 2015

Time of event: 16.09-18.09.2015

Venue: Sigulda

Organized by Institute of Polymer Materials, Riga Technical University Institute of Polymer Mechanics, University of Latvia Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry Faculty of Chemistry, University of Latvia.


Name of the conference: Scandinavian society for biomaterials 8th annual meeting

Time of event: 06.05-08.05.2015

Venue: Sigulda

IMIS2 executors of the 4th project are involved in the organization and participation in the conference.


1. Vita Zālīte: V.Zalite, J.Locs. Preparation of Sr and F co-substituted hydroxyapatite via wet precipitation method.

2. Marina Sokolova: M.Sokolova, J.Locs, A.Putnins. Degradation behaviour of biodegradable biopolymer and calcium phosphates composites.

3. Inga Narkevica: I.Narkevica, L.Bugovecka, J.Ozolins. In vitro bioactivity studies of thermally treated titanium dioxide ceramic.

4. Dagnija Loča: A. Dubnika, D. Loca, J. Locs, L. Berzina-Cimdina. Silver doped hydroxyapatite scaffolds coated with sodium alginate and chitosan for controlled drug delivery.

5. Jānis Ločs: D. Loca, J. Locs, S. Mandal, A. Smirnova, M. Sokolova, Z. Irbe, L. Berzina-Cimdina. Silk microfiber reinforced calcium phosphate bone cements for local drug delivery.

6. Zilgma Irbe: Z.Irbe, D.Loca, D.Vempere, L.Berzina-Cimdina. Correlation between structure and properties of calcium phosphate cements.


Picture of participants V.Zālīte M.Sokolova I.Narkevica