Research of luminescence mechanisms and dosimeter properties in prospective nitrides and oxides using TL and OSL methods (2018 - 2021)

Project coordinator: Dr.phys. Laima Trinklere

Total funding: 300 000 EUR

Project implementation period: 2018-2021

LZP FLPP Nr. LZP-2018/1-0361


Thermoluminescence (TL) and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) are important and actual methods of basic research of dielectrics, besides they are widely practically used in many areas: personal dosimetry, accident dosimetry, medical radiology and laser therapy, archaeological dating, industrial and food control. Still there is a need for new prospective dosimeter materials with tailored properties. Aim of the given project is development of new prospective materials for dosimetry needs and elucidation of energy storage and recombination luminescence mechanisms in them. The following objects will be studied: powders and transparent ceramics of Al2O3, doped AlN–related materials, LiGaO2 crystals. Novel results will be obtained due to unique combination of modern nanotechnology for sample preparation and luminescence-related characterisation methods applied using the computer-controlled equipment with newly developed software. The research team includes both experienced scientists and PhD and BSc students. Implementation of the project will bring new knowledge in the field of basic research of luminescence mechanisms and material science, contribute to development of new prospective dosimeter materials. The dosimeter devices with increased added value elaborated on their basis will be used in many areas, including safe environment, personal safety, medicine and space exploration.