Identification number: lzp-2021/1-0118

Type: Fundamental and applied research project of the Latvian Council of Science 

Project duration: 2022 - 2024

Project manager: Dr. phys. Andris Antuzevics, ISSP UL

Lead participant: PhD Guna Krieke, ISSP UL

Total funding: 300 000 EUR

Project summary: 

Materials exhibiting persistent luminescence in shortwave ultraviolet (UV-C) range is an emerging field of research with prospective applications in sterilization and surveillance. The aim of the project is to elaborate a novel UV-C emitting persistent phosphor material based on stable and inexpensive silicate hosts (M2Al2SiO7 where M = Ca, Sr, Ba). The materials will be doped with different co-dopants to improve UV-C luminescence characteristics: wavelength, intensity and duration. Research activities will include sample synthesis, structure characterization and comprehensive luminescence and magnetic resonance spectroscopy analysis. The scientific novelty of this project is to understand the origin of UV-C persistent luminescence, so that it can be enhanced via introduction of defects and employed for practical applications. The results, which will be published as at least 6 scientific articles, will provide guidelines for optimal chemical composition and synthesis conditions of an efficient UV-C phosphor material. Involvement of students who will elaborate their thesis during the project implementation is planned. Professional development of the team implementing the project will be provided, opening new opportunities in future project calls and increasing the competitiveness of Latvian scientists in the world.