Fabrication, characterization and computer modelling of the nanostructured YAlO3:Mn ceramics for novel radiation dosimeters (2016 - 2017)

Agreement No LV-UA/2016/1

Total project period: 2016-2018

Principal investigators from two sides:

  • Anatoli Popov, Dr.Phys. Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia
  • Serhii Ubizskii, Professor Dr.Sci, Lviv Polytechnic National University

Project purpose: A complex investigation of structural, luminescent and dosimetric properties of the ceramic materials based on YAlO3:Mn nanopowders for dosimetry of ionizing radiation.

Field of the project: New materials

Work accomplished at first stage of the project:

  • 33rd ISSP Conference (Riga, Latvia, February 2017).
  • E. Elsts, A. Antuzevics, U. Rogulis, Ya. Zhydachevskii, S. Ubizskii, D. Sugak, and A.I. Popov, "Defect centres in YAlO3:Mn". Abstract: p. 39.
  • XVII. E-MRS 2016 Fall Meeting (Warsaw, Poland, September 2017).
  • R.I. Eglitis and A.I. Popov, “Ab initio calculations of the optical properties and polar (001) surfaces of YAlO3”. Abstracts: E, p. 119-1.
  • A. Antuzevics, J. Gabrusenoks, E. Elsts, U. Rogulis, Ya. Zhydachevskii, S. Ubizskii, D. Sugak, and A.I. Popov, “Luminescence and defect centers in YAlO3:Mn”. Abstracts: E, p. 123-1.
  • U. Rogulis, A. Fedotovs, A. Antuzevics, Dz. Berzins, Ya. Zhydachevsky, D. Sugak, and A.I. Popov, “Correlation of optical and paramagnetic properties of activator centers in glass-ceramics and ceramics”. Abstracts: E, p. 124-3.
  • I. Isakovica, S. Piskunov, and A.I. Popov, “Electronic structure of Mn-doped YAlO3: prediction from the first principles”. Abstracts: E, p. 125.
  • Applied Nanotechnology and Nanoscience International Conference 2017 (ANNIC 2017), 18-20 October 2017, Roma, Italy,
  • Ya. Zhydachevskyy, N. Martynyuk, A. Popov, D. Sugak, P. Bilski, S. Ubizskii, M. Berkowski, A. Suchocki, ‘Thermoluminescent and dosimetric properties of Mn-doped YAP nanoceramics”, Book of Abstracts, p. 259.
  • International Conference on Oxide Materials for Electronic Engineering – fabrication, properties and application (OMEE-2017), May 29 – June 2, 2017, Lviv, Ukraine
  • U. Rogulis, A. Fedotovs, A. Antuzevics, Dz. Berzins, “Optical detection of paramagnetic centres in activated oxyfluoride glass-ceramics”, Book of Abstracts, p. 58.