COST Action TD1401 Fast advanced Scintillator Timing (FAST), 20.11.2014 – 20.11.2018. The main objective of the FAST (Fast Advanced Scintillator Timing) Action (TD1401) is to establish a multidisciplinary network that brings together European experts from academia and industry to ultimately achieve scintillator-based detectors with timing precision of better than 100ps, in particular to enable significant breakthroughs in diagnostic medicine and high luminosity particle physics. It aims to:

  • Bridge separate fields of science/disciplines to achieve breakthroughs via an interdisciplinary approach to Create an international European community of experts and people from different scientific backgrounds with wide expertise on fast timing detectors;
  • Develop a common understanding/definition of "fast timing"
  • Establish the ultimate achievable limits for fast timing for scintillators, photodetectors, electronics
  • Facilitate the increase of competitiveness of European industry; provide input for future market applications, including cooperation with private enterprises
  • Provide training opportunities for a new generation of scientific experts to strengthen their background in the field of fast timing detectors

COST is the longest-running European framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers and scholars across Europe. If you would like to join this action please.