Terminated LU CFI 2013/2/ERDF

Purchase will be performed within the ERDF Project „ Development of Scientific Infrastructure for the National Research Centre of Nanostructured and Multifunctional Materials, Constructions and Technologies” (Project No.: 2011/0041/2DP/
The present method of the procurement is an open tender regulated by the Republic of Latvia Law “On Public Procurement”. The Tender is organised by the Procurement Commission (hereinafter - the Commission) of the Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia (hereinafter - the ISSP), established by the Director of ISSP Order No. 5-v dd. 20.02.2012.

Subject of the procurement

Date of publishing initial information

Contract validity term

Deadline for providing clarifications to the interested persons

Offer shall be submitted by

Meeting of Offers opening

Delivery of the Multifunctional Cluster Plant for Deposition of Vacuum Coatings

CPV reference number: 31712000-0.

TED No.17069-2013


9 months
(can be extended, but not more than for 3 months)

The Tender procedure has been terminated on 27.02.2013, because the terms and conditions of the contract have been essentially modified.
A new Tender (LUCFI 2013/8/ERDF) for this procurement is announced on 27.02.2013.

Contact person: Janis Pinnis, Secretary of the Procurement Commission, tel.+371 67260545, fax: +371 67132778, e-mail:

Tender Regulation:       

 Answers to the questions received on 18.02.2013