The list of the invited speakers

Prof.A. A. Bagatur'yantsPhotochemistry Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, RussiaAtomistic Multiscale Simulation of Nanostructured Materials for Photonic Applications
Prof.N.E. ChristensenAarhus University, DenmarkQuasiparticle electronic structures of thermoelectric PbX (X=S,Se,Te)
Prof.R. EvarestovSt. Petersburg State University, RussiaBaTiO3 based Nanostructures: Nanolayers, Nanotubes, Nanowires
Prof.C.G. GranqvistUppsala University, SwedenNanothermochromics for Energy Efficient Fenestration
Prof.D. HøvikThe Research Council of NorwayStrategic Research Programmes within Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials in Norway
Prof.G. JuskaVilnius University, LithuaniaReduced Langevin Recombination in Organic Solar Cells
Prof.S. JursenasVilnius University, LithuaniaIn search for efficient blue-light emitters
Prof.A. Kholkin University of Aveiro, Portugal Piezoelectric biomaterials: structure, properties, applications
Prof.M. KirmUniversity of Tartu, EstoniaChallenges and Contribution of Estonian Research Community at European Infrastructures – MAX-IV Lab, ESS and CERN and facilitating Industrial Access using the Sciencelink project
Prof.J. KuldaInstitute Laue-Langevin, FranceNeutron Spectroscopy Of Nanoscale Materials
Prof.A. MontoneENEA Research Center of Casaccia, ItalyHydrogen cycling effect on MgH2 nanocomposites
Prof.J.M. NunziQueen’s University, Kingston, CanadaPlasmonic Organic Electronic Devices
Prof.V. OzolinsUniversity of California, Los Angeles, USAUsing Lone s2 Pairs to Design Crystalline Compounds with Minimal Thermal Conductivity 
Prof.L. PasquiniUniversity of Bologna, ItalyMagnesium Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Storage: Structure, Kinetics and Thermodynamics
Prof.P.A. RodnyiSt.Petersburg State Polytechnical University, RussiaScintillating Ceramics Based on Zinc Oxide
Prof.V. TrepakovInstitute of Physics AS CR, Czech Republic and Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute RAS, RussiaPolaronic Excitons in KTN: Optical Absorption and Photo-EPR Manifestations
Prof.L. Valkunas Vilnius University, LithuaniaCoherent Dynamics and Dissipative Relaxation of Excitations in Molecular Aggregates
Prof. A. Züttel EMPA Materials Science & Technology, Div. Hydrogen & Energy, Switzerland Storage of Renewable Energy in Synthetic Fuels