Program of the event in Latvian 

On May 16, 2015, the Solar Cup competition closing event was held for the 8th time at A/S “Sidrabe” compound (Riga, Krustpils street 17) to promote and develop the knowledge of Latvian youth on environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions in today’s transport sector.

„Sidrabe” is a high tech company that designs and manufactures customized vacuum coating equipment for thin film solar cells, horticultural and architectural glass, LCD displays, etc. worldwide.

During the Solar Cup, children had to build solar-powered land, water and air vehicles using the given parts and/or using other available parts.

The Solar Cup was held for the 8th year and this year pupils of grades 5-12 had opportunity to demonstrate their ideas, knowledge and skills in using energy efficient and renewable resources by designing and building solar-powered vehicle models. Previous years pupils had already proven their ability to build solar-powered land and water vehicle models. A major step forward in the development of radio-controlled vehicles was made this year.

During the Solar Cup, the solar panels (2 pieces 3,5x5 cm2) and engines, propellers were given to People’s class participants provided by EuroNanoForum`2015 for building the vehicle models. At the end of the competition, the models developed by the pupils were evaluated in different classes and disciplines depending on their structure and ability to drive. This included assessment of the originality and relevance of the solutions developed, as well as participants’ knowledge of renewable energy and alternative energy technologies.

The organizers of the races held seminars, went to schools, and met with teachers and team leaders providing advice and assistance in the successful course of the event.

In 2014, 60 pupil teams participated in the Solar Cup and the closing event was attended by more than 120 pupils. All the historic districts of Latvia were represented at the competition.,

Filled in application forms: are to be submitted by April 7.

Competition rules in Latvian