Dr. Aivars Vembris (ISSP UL) at scientific workshop of Doctoral School “Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies” at ISSP UL.

The institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia (ISP UL) is the leading institution in Latvia for research of new functional materials. As a result of this research, several original organic materials with potential applications in photonics, such as nonlinear optics, laser physics, etc., have been created and researched. In the future, it is planned to expand the research of organic materials by applying them to prototypes of new devices, as well as by developing technology for manufacturing photonic integrated circuits. The aim of this project is to develop various optical waveguide devices using the organic materials studied so far. For the development of such modular waveguide devices as lasers, light modulators, detectors, etc., individual platforms (silicon, indium phosphide, gallium arsenide, etc.) are usually used that are best suited for the particular device. The ISSP UL plans to implement separate waveguide devices on a single - organic material platform. During the project, the following prototypes of devices made using organic materials will be demonstrated: 1. an organic solid state laser with emission wavelength in the red spectral range; 2. an organic electro-optical waveguide modulator for operation both in the visible and infrared spectrum; 3. an organic infrared sensor operation of which is based on thin-film thermoelectric effect. These prototypes will use unique organic materials synthesized and researched in Latvia. The ISSP UL has all the technology necessary to develop such prototypes.