SAF 25/50 Cluster Tool Presentation

A. Belajevs (Sidrabe Inc.)

Sidrabe Inc. is pleased to announce that we have developed a new product – Cluster Tool SAF that is a multifunctional cluster tool for research and development works.

Sidrabe Inc. is designing and manufacturing vacuum coating systems and developing unique thin film technologies and has proven itself in the vacuum coater market for over 50 years. Our new modular and highly flexible R&D cluster tool is intended for feasibility studies and general academic work in the field of thin film technologies as well as sample manufacturing aimed at product prototyping for market evaluation of out-of-box technologies.

SAF stands for simple, adjustable, flexible – the key words that characterize this tool. The tool is expandable up to 7 different independent process chambers (magnetron sputtering, thermal evaporation, sublimation etc.), thus making it a perfectly suitable tool for each customer’s individual needs.