Artūras Belickas (“Monospektra” application specialist)

Andor manufactures an extensive portfolio of high performance ultra-sensitive imaging cameras, each widely considered to be ‘best in class’. Andor’s Electron Multiplying CCD (EMCCD), scientific CMOS (sCMOS) and CCD imaging detectors are defined not only by superior sensitivity and speed, but also by an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability. The pioneers of single photon sensitive EMCCD camera technology, Andor have consistently led this field with a solid track record of performance innovation.

The camera range includes the world’s most advanced and versatile EMCCD, CCD and ICCD detectors. Both the Andor EMCCD spectroscopy detectors and conventional CCD spectroscopy detector systems have been optimized for high performance spectroscopic applications. The Newton EMCCD employs Andor’s pioneering electron multiplying CCD platform with exclusive sensor formats optimized for ultra-low light level spectroscopy applications. The intensified camera series extract the very best from CCD and sCMOS sensor and gated image intensifier technologies, achieving a superior combination of rapid acquisitions rates and ultra-high Sensitivity down to single photon.


  • Introduction to Sensors and Scientific Digital Cameras – CCD, EMCCD, sCMOS and InGaAs technologies;
  • Making sense of sensitivity - types of noise associated with cameras and defining the limits of a camera.