13:45-14:00 Arrival or participants at conference room/ Joining a Zoom meeting room
14:00-14:05 Introduction. Dr.habil.phys. Andris Šternbergs, Deputy Director for Science ISSP UL
14:05-14:30 Multifunctional thin films, coatings and 0D, 1D Nano structures for “green” energetics, electronics and photonics.
Dr.habil.phys. Juris Purāns, Head of the laboratory and Leading researcher, Thin Films Laboratory; Ph.D. Edgars Butanovs, Leading researcher, Thin Films Laboratory / Dr.phys. Boriss Poļakovs, Leading researcher, Thin Films Laboratory
14:30-14:35 Q&A
14:35-15:00 Advanced materials and technologies for diversity of sensors under development:
  • Spectromarine
  • Multifunctional ZnO-based thin films
  • Tactile time of light sensors
  • Universal graphene sensor
Ph.D.Aleksejs Zolotarjovs, Leading researcher and Head of the laboratory, Laboratory of Optical Materials; Dr.phys.Laima Trinklere, Leading researcher, Laboratory of Spectroscopy; Dr.phys.Ilze Aulika, Leading researcher, Thin Films Laboratory; Dr.phys.Thomas Alexander Yager, Leading researcher, Micro and Nanodevices Laboratory
15:00-15:05 Q&A
15:05-15:15 Coffee break
15:15-15:35 Suggestions and recommendations from partner institutions RISE and KTH.
Dr.Magnus Lindblom, Prof. Anders Hallén, Prof.Qin Wang….participants to be confirmed
15:35-15:40 Q&A
15:40-16:00 Discussion