Modris Greitāns, academician and foreign affairs secretary of LAS and Olga Bogdanova, sales director of ISPP UL platform Materize

On March 6 the Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia (DAIF Latvia) handed out its annual awards to companies and research institutions that have made a significant contribution to safety and security on a national and international scale in 2023.

Award recipients:

  • The "Research" award of the year goes to the University of Latvia for "Development of a prototype antidote based on iron hexacyanoferrate and biopolymer sorbents for preventive protection of military and civilians against radioactive cesium".
  • The "Innovation" award goes to SIA "ABC software" for "creating a similar behavior analysis and automatic grouping method of users of information systems using an AI/ML approach".
  • The "Education" award goes to the College of Fire Safety and Civil Defense for "Tactical House for Practical Training".
  • The "Partnership" award goes to Materize of the Institute of Solid State Physics of the University of Latvia for "Research partnership with the defense sector and industry".
  • The "Export" award goes to SIA "Riot Engineering" for a significant increase in exports.
  • The "Growth" award goes to SIA "VR Cars" for the military vehicle VR FOX.

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