Latvian Doctor of Physics Jānis Timošenko has won the highest award in the field of X-ray absorption spectroscopy, the Farrel Lytle Award for Young Scientists of the International X-Ray Absorption Society (IXAS) ( This highest award is given every three years to outstanding young researchers working in theoretical and experimental fields with X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Timoshenko has made an outstanding contribution to the development of X-ray absorption spectra data analysis based on reverse Monte Carlo and machine learning methods.


Timoshenko studied physics at the University of Latvia and obtained a doctorate there in 2015. He has also worked as a post-doctorate in two universities in the US state of New York.


This is also a recognition of the ISSP UL School of Scientific Excellence. Dr. J. Timoshenko is the student of the head of our institute's EXAFS Spectroscopy Laboratory, Dr.phys. Alexei Kuzmin and the head of the Thin Films Laboratory, Dr.habil.phys. Juris Purāns.


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