On July 5, the Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS) presented diplomas to the new members of the academy, who were elected in last year's elections, which, taking into account the state of emergency declared in the country, were organized remotely. On November 26, 2020, the LAS General Meeting elected eight true members, four foreign and one honorary member, as well as seven corresponding members as the new members of the LAS.

Due to the easing of the epidemiological restrictions, twelve scientists received LAS new member diplomas in an in person event. Those were - true members Pāvels Arsenjans, Aivars Bērziņš, Uģis Cābulis, Roberts Eglītis, Tatjana Koķe, Jānis Ločs and Māra Pilmane, honorary member Skaidrīte Lasmane, corresponding members Ilze Akota, Valts Ernštreits, Līga Lepse and Uldis Neiburgs.

More information in Latvian: https://www.lza.lv/aktualitates/jaunumi/678-pasniegti-diplomi-2020-gada-ieveletajiem-jaunajiem-akademijas-locekliem