The Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS) has named the ten most significant achievements in Latvian science in 2019, as well as seven acknowledged works by the President of LAS.

One of the achievements in theoretical science is the joint work of the scientists form the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia and the Institute of Theoretical Chemistry of Jilin University (PRC) on theoretical calculations of new materials for energy harvesting and storage. Research authors from our institute are Dr.phys. Roberts Eglītis, Dr.habil.phys. Juris Purāns, Dr.phys. Jānis Kleperis, Dr.phys. Anatoli Popov from ISSP UL and Dr. Ran Jia from the Institute of Theoretical Chemistry of Jilin University.


Tow submitted applications have received special recognition awards from the President of LAS academician Ojārs Spārītis.

One of them is our Institute's scientists Dr. rer. nat. Y. Mastrikov, Dr. phys. D. Zablocky, Dr. rer. nat. G. Zvejnieks, Dr. phys. L. Rusevich, Dr. habil. phys. V. Kuzovkov, Dr. habil. phys. E. Kotomin work on theoretical modeling of self-organizing processes in perspective perovskites for green energy.

The second is a collaborative work of the RTU Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry (RTU MSAC), ISSP UL and Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (OSI) on creating a new approach to the development of phosphorescent organic materials in organic light emitting diodes made from solutions.

By: Dr. chem. K. Traskovskis, Dr. habil. chem. V. Kokars, M.Sc. I. Māliņa, M.Sc. A. Rudušs (RTU MSAC), Dr.phys. A. Vembris, M.Sc. N. Tetervenoka, M.Sc. I. Mihailovs, Dr.phys. S. Belakov (OSI).