The head of the Laboratory of Materials Morphology and Structure Investigations Dr. Alexei Kuzmin in cooperation with an international team (China, Spain, Korea, USA) has published his research in the prestigious journal Advanced Science ( with an impressive impact factor (IF) 15.806. In this work, pressure‐driven photoconductivity is investigated in n‐type WO3 nanocuboids functionalized with p‐type CuO nanoparticles under visible illumination and an interesting pressure‐induced accompanying a structural phase transition is found - S. Rahman, S. Samanta, A. Kuzmin, D. Errandonea, H. Saqib, D.L. Brewe, J. Kim, J. Lu, L. Wang, Tuning the photoresponse of nano-heterojunction: Pressure-induced inverse photoconductance in functionalized WO3 nanocuboids, Advanced Science (2019) 1901132:1-9. (