Pär Johansson (Chief Strategy Officer, Luleå University of Technology) speaks at scientific workshop of ISSP UL.

Pär Johansson will introduce the Innovation Due Diligence (IDD) method developed at Luleå University. Thanks to this method, Luleå University increased the success rate of project applications to 53%.

IDD is a useful method for preparing commercialization applications for both H2020 Research & Innovation Action, H2020 Innovation Action and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

Pär Johansson is Chief Strategy Officer at LTU Business AB, a business development company in northern Sweden with headquarters in Luleå, founded in 1983. The main business focuses on innovation management services, business development services for small and medium-sized companies and commissioned education.

Pär is an expert in the development of commercialization strategies for institutes, companies and regional innovation eco-systems. As a commercialization strategist and innovation management expert, Pär gets regularly hired to speak to groups of executives, directors and senior administrators on the topic of innovation management.

Prior to joining LTU Business, Pär was International Senior Project Manager for Volvo Aero in Europe's largest aviation development project in close collaboration with Airbus, Rolls-Royce and 57 other industry partners. Pär has also a long experience of strategy development and execution in several start-ups where he at multiple occasions been co-founder in combination with CEO or CSO. He has a record of successful strategic B2B sales execution from more than 15 European countries. Pär has also gathered repeated awards for his contributions as mentor for several start-ups in northern Sweden.

In parallel with his industry and startup experience Pär has been gathered research knowledge within Product development for more than 15 years. In 1998 he was awarded the title of Lic Tech from Luleå University of Technology and since then he has been taking PhD courses at LTU, Stanford and KTH.