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  • CAMART2 Newsletter No. 1

    The proposed project CAMART2 is aimed to upgrade the existing “Excellence Centre of Advanced Material Research and Technology at the Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia” to a new significantly stronger Centre of Excellence. The upgrade will enable efficient transfer of new materials and technologies into products for commercial and public benefits based on exchange of knowledge and synergy with innovation-intensive Consortium partners.

  • Institute of solid state physics has successfully participated in nuclear fusion project competition

    Institute of Solid State Physics (University of Latvia) is chosen as a coordinating institution for the EUROFUSION project CfP-WP15-ENR-01/UL-01 (When and how ODS particles are formed? - X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and atomic-scale modelling of ODS steels.)

  • R&D work on the European gyrotron progresses
    John Jelonnek, who is in charge of the KIT development program for the gyrotron, stands next to the 1 MW short-pulse prototype.

    In ITER, energy-delivery devices called gyrotrons will contribute to heating the plasma to 150 million °C by generating high-frequency radio waves that transfer their energy to the plasma electrons. Four ITER Members—Europe, Japan, Russia and India—are responsible for delivering 24 ITER gyrotrons that will deliver a combined heating power of 24 MW.

  • European Commission supports the upgrade of Excellence Center CAMART

    Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia (ISSP UL) is the only one scientific institution from Latvia which will be supported by the European Commission (EC) within the frames of Horizon2020 WIDESPREAD1-2014:Teaming action. The project CAMART2 in the view of experts was the third best proposal in the assessment of 169 applications, receiving 14.5 of maximum 15 points.

  • 10 of Physics World very best feature articles about light
    (GIPhotoStock / Science Photo Library)

    The International Year of Light (IYL) is a brilliant initiative, but if you’re wondering how to find out more about the science and applications of light, then you’ve come to the perfect place.

    That’s because this free-to-read digital-only edition of Physics World magazine brings together

    I have to admit that it wasn’t easy for us to select 10 articles from all that Physics World has published on light over the years, but I think this collection really has something for everyone. So sit back and enjoy the issue.

  • Evaluation of the ISSP UL in the Research Assessment Excercise

    ‘This institution is one of the best - arguably the best institution evaluated by Panel M. It has all the qualities to continue its role as the leading centre of Latvian research in material science. Securing funding for the Institute should be of highest priority for the Latvian Government and Latvian research funding agencies’, the conclusions and recommendations made by expert panel for ISSP UL

  • Change of the legal status of the ISSP UL

    On August 19, 2013 the order of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 380 has been issued and states that according to the Law of Scientific activity, as well as on the basis of the Latvian University Senate's decision No. 323 the University of Latvia agency - research institute “Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia " is reformed to the University of Latvia research institute - derived public person -"Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia" and stays under the supervision of the University of Latvia.