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Achievements 2003 - 2013
Last Update
  • investigation of smart optical materials and designs with controllable optical, electrooptic, refractive properties such as piezooptic and electrooptic materials in order to accomplish effective radiation wavefront control, modification of light scattering and other optical characteristics;
  • effect of aberrations in eye structures and appliances on retinal image formation and on the psychophysically detected human visual response, accomplishing adaptive optics compensation of optical objects aberration errors with fast control feedback;
  • studies of binocular and stereovision, suppression and rivalry mechanisms of binocular vision, evaluation of suppression strength and depth effect on quality of vision binocular functions;
  • fast eye kinematics studies for children and adults without and with several disorders of visual perceptions, eye kinematics studies in sport vision;
  • evaluation of accommodation/convergence mechanisms reading print materials and for regular computer users;
  • digital visual stimuli image processing determinant for analyse of the human visual response;
  • multispectral material surface reflectance and emission analysis in visible and near IR and UV range and its visual recognition by humans with normal and colour deficient vision;
  • providing illumination and material visual appearance testing expertise and quality of products correspondence according to standards.