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  • Spectrometer (ANDOR) equipped with CCD camera (ANDOR) for traditional and up-conversion luminescence spectra (250 - 1000 nm) measurements at different temperatures (10 K – 300 K), excited by Xe lamp or laser diodes (445 nm, 808 nm and 980 nm, power up to 1 W).
  • EPR spectrometer: Microwave range 9 GHz (X-band), temperature range between 6.5 K and 300 K, X-ray excitation at 77 K and 300 K.
  • ODMR spectrometer: Magneto Optical Cryostat (manufactured by Oxford Instruments), microwave range Q (36-62 GHz), magnetic field up to 7 Tesla, measurement temperature from 1.5 to 300 K, excitation by X-rays at 4.2 K.

Measurements of Absorption spectra

SPECORD-210 (certified 2016): 1) absorption spectra in 190-1100 nm range 2) diffuse reflection spectra in 380 – 1100 nm range.

Measurement of Photoluminescence (PL) and Photoluminescence Excitation spectra (PLE). 2 homemade set-ups, containing 3 main units: i) sample holder – closed cycle He refrigerator CCS-100/204, Janis Res. Corp.; ii) luminescence excitation and; iii) luminescence registration units.

Luminescence excitation unit – 1) deuterium lamp DL- 400W; 2) deuterium lamp (Hamamatsu company), 3) xenon lamp 150W - (all lamps are used in conjugation with the monochromator MDR-2, LOMO) and 4) solid state laser 263 nm.

Luminescence registration units–1) monochromator Andor Shamrock SR-303i-B with 2 CCD cameras (spectral ranges: 250 nm – 800 nm and 600 nm – 1500 nm) and 2) monochromator SPM-2, Carl Zeiss with photoelectron tube H468-03 or H468-20 (230-600 nm, 400-900 nm, Hamamatsu company).

The absorption, PL and PLE can be measured at fixed temperatures in 8-300K (RT) temperature range.

Luminiscence polarization (250 – 1100 nm).

Absorption spectra equipment is available for common use. The equipment for PL and PLE measurements usually is in routine use by the laboratory’s staff, but it also can be used by other researchers on the pre-agreed basis.