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It was found that adding niobium drastically increases activator luminescence intensity in ZrO2 matrix, which makes Ln3+ doped zirconia even more attractive for various practical applications. Although this study was based on the luminescence of the Er ion, the phase stabilization, charge compensation, and luminescence properties are expected to be similar for other lanthanide elements. Results suggest that the luminescence intensity of other oxide matrices where lanthanides incorporate in place of tetravalent cations could be increased by addition of Nb ions.

Luminescence properties of ZnO are carried out as the material is applicable in various fields – as fast scintillators, for new generation of luminescence-based light sources, conductive and transparent thin coatings, new generation of laser materials etc. Luminescence and fast induced absorption studies of ZnO monocrystals, nanocrystals as well as ceramics provided new information and understanding of processes inside the material.

Advancements in various PEO directions were achieved:

1) For the first time, luminescence from PEO coating was observed (Eu3+ in Al2O3 matrix)

2) A new doping technology was developed for PEO coatings (three-stage pore filling)

3) PEO coating for dosimetry applications