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Fundamental and applied research of organic molecules, materials and their structures are conducted by the Laboratory. In most cases the objects of investigation are original organic compounds synthesized by Latvian chemists. The main goal of the research is to develop knowledge about the relationship between structure and properties in organic materials for next generation electronics and photonics. Using the concepts derived from the studies, new materials with improved properties are designed in close cooperation with Latvian chemists. Assessment and demonstration of the possible applications of novel developed materials is an important task of the laboratory. Trained human resources, generated knowledge and technology within the Laboratory are the key elements for development of organic electronics and photonics in Latvia.

  • Quantum chemical investigation of structure and properties of chromophores;
  • Design of thin films;
  • Energy structure of thin films;
  • Electrical and photoelectrical properties;
  • Nonlinear optical phenomena;
  • Stimulated emission;
  • Electroluminescence in thin films;
  • Optically induced switching;
  • thermoelectric properties of thin films.