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Last Update
  • Quantum chemical modelling using Gaussian 09 (D.01), ORCA 4.0.1 and DALTON 2016 software packages,
  • Langmuir–Blodgett technology, self-assembled monolayers preparation,
  • Space Charge Limited Current, Time of Flight and Carrier Extraction by Linearly Increasing Voltage methods are used for acquiring electrical properties of thin films,
  • Research of energetic structure is done by Temperature Modulated Space Charge Limited Current method, Kelvin probe, efficiency and threshold value of photoconductivity,
  • Absorption and reflection spectroscopy and M-line methods are used for determination of linear optical parameters,
  • Investigation of light emission properties by luminescence, stimulated emission and electroluminescence spectral methods,
  • Characterization of nonlinear optical properties by hyper -Rayleigh scattering, optical Second Harmonic Generation, Maker fringe and Kurtz powder methods and Mach–Zehnder interferometry.