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Research topics
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The main focus of the Laboratory is R&D of materials and technologies for applications in holography, lithography, diffractive optics and micro/nano-technologies.

Research areas:

  • Photoinduced processes in thin films of amorphous chalcogenide semiconductors;
  • Holographic recording in amorphous chalcogenide semiconductors;
  • R&D of highly sensitive photoresists for holography and lithography;
  • R&D of diffractive optical elements and Bragg grating structures;
  • Holographic surface relief formation during processes of exposure to light in amorphous chalcogenide semiconductors and in organic azo-polymer materials.

Research in Progress:

  • Photo-induced changes of optical properties in amorphous As-S-Se system;
  • Holographic recording and studies of surface relief formation in amorphous chalcogenide and organic material thin films;
  • R&D of high sensitivity photoresists for holographic recording in the visible and UV spectral range of 300 - 700 nm;
  • Research of planar waveguides based on amorphous chalcogenide semiconductors.