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Achievements 2003 - 2013
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Synthesis and research of amorphous chalcogenide semiconductor (As-S, As-Se and As-S-Se) thin films and films of organic materials for optical recording and electron beam lithography has been performed. Photo-induced changes of optical properties, holographic recording, holographic surface relief formation and relaxation processes in amorphous films have been studied. The main task was to perform R&D of high sensitive photoresists in the visible and near UV region for holography and electron-beam resists for production of diffractive optical elements. Rainbow hologram production technology, based on chalcogenide semiconductor photoresists, has been developed. R&D of Bragg grating structures for optical communication dense wavelength-divided multiplexing (DWDM) systems in planar wavequides, based on amorphous chalcogenide semiconductor thin films, has been carried out.

Amorphous As-S-Se thin films, obtained by vacuum deposition method, is the basis for development of a new class of inorganic resists. Such resists are characterized by a very high resolution (> 10000 lines/mm), wide spectral range of photosensitivity (UV and visible up to 700 nm), and they also have a number of peculiarities that make them suitable for application in many photo- and e-beam lithographic processes. The possibility of light-and thermo-induced amplification of holographic recording in amorphous semiconductor films is especially important for the further improvement of the light sensitivity of these photoresists. The negative photoresists developed at the ISSP UL possess light sensitivity of ~100 mJ/cm2 and spectral sensitivity at wavelengths λ= 700 nm. Thus, it is possible to record holograms by means of semiconductor diode or solid state lasers.

Direct surface relief formation during the process of exposure by light has been studied. This has a high potential for practical applications, since makes it possible to simplify the technology of surface patterning.