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Research topics
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Materials (steel, M/Fe2O3, CuOx, TiO2, WO3, M/FLG *) and their acquisition technologies (impulse electrolysis, electrochemical precipitation and anodizing, electrophoresis, spraying-pyrolysis, electrochemical exfoliation with ion intercalation, heat treatment) for energy collection and transformation (solar, water, air pollution).

Li-ion battery cathode material (LiFePO4 and Li2FeSiO4);

Materials (MHx, M / FLG, nanostructured carbon, zeolites) for energy storage and gas sensors.

Hydrogen as an energy carrier and fuel;

Materials and technical solutions of Solar, Oceanic, Wind, Biomass Energy Saving and Accumulation; Solar collector materials and coatings; Nano-particles and nano-fibers (fibrils).

The research is going on ion-electron phenomena and processes on solid surfaces, on interfacial boundary layer and in the phase volume as well as functionalization of surface and volume.

Research methods: electrical and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry and coulombmetry, differential thermo-gravimetric analysis (DTA-TGA), mechanical and thermo-mechanical strength analysis, optical microscopy and Raman spectroscopy.

Surface modification technology, nanostructuring and functionalization: chemical etching, ion exchange and extraction, ultrasonic stimulated leaching, plasma etching and coating deposition by DC/RF magnetron, the sol-gel, electrodeposition and electrophoretic methods.

*M/FLG – few layer graphene, M- intercalated metal impurity active for selected action