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G. Cikvaidze, A. Kalle. Method for refining silicon using an electron beam. European patent application: EP 2 883 837 B1; Date of publication: 02.11.2016 Bulletin 2016/44; Applicant: Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia

Latvian Patent No 14698 (2013) Device for leveling a fluid level

Invention relates to fluid level balancing system in electrolyser. System is characterized in that it additionally contain sealed water reservoir located between water reservoir and lower entrance of gas separation tank, level stabilization tube, which connects upper outlet of gas separation tank with sealed water reservoir. Besides lower end of level stabilization tube is located in known sealed water reservoir under water level in such way that it is in one level with needed electrolyte level in gas separation tank

Latvian Patent No 14701 (2013) Method of formation of capillary channels

The invention is applicable in different branches of hydrogen technologies. On the solid electrically conducting body with parallel surfaces the thread is wound, and placed between two parallel surfaces of the bodies. Bodies wrapped with the threads are placed between bodies with parallel surfaces and without windings; in addition, the number of threads without windings in construction satisfy the expression M ≥ m + 1. The windings of thread are set up with a step l between them so as to satisfy the condition L> l> 0.