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Last Update
  • SEM Zeiss EVO50 XVP, equipped with EDX Oxford instruments INCA 350.
  • AFM NT-MDT Smena, Contact AFM, resonant Mode AFM (semicontact + noncontact), phase Imaging.
  • Impedance analyser HP 4284A in frequency range from 20 Hz to 1MHz with programmable heater in temperature range from -180 up to 450oC.
  • Equipment for measurement of dielectric polarisation loops and dependence of polarisation on temperature, using Sawyer-Tower method.
  • Radiant RT6000HVS for measurements of polarisation characteristics and fatigue.
  • Michelson interferometer for measurement of field induced deformation in temperature range -60 – 150oC.
  • d33-meter for measurement of piezoelectrics coefficients.
  • Impedance analyser HP 4194A for determination of piezoelectrics characteristics by resonance-antiresonance method.
  • Equipment for measurement of electrocaloric effect in adiabatic conditions.
  • High temperature furnaces Nabertherm (up to 1600oC) with gas supply system.
  • Hot press and vacuum hot press (1200oC, pressure up to 60 kN).