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Implemented projects
Last Update

1. ERA.Net RUS plus project “Computer modeling of nanostructured photocatalyst for efficient hydrogen production from water” (WATERSPLIT) 2015-2018.

2. EUROfusion Enabling Research Project "When and how ODS particles are formed? - X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and ab initio modelling of ODS steels", (CfP-WP15-ENR-01/UL-01), 2015-2017.

3. EUROFUSION Project - Functional materials (WP-15-PPPT-MAT)

4. Latvian-Ukrainian cooperation program for science and technology (2016-2018) “Novel nanostructured radiation dosimeters based on YAlO3:Mn ceramics: Characterization, modeling and production”

5. National Research program: Multifunctional Materials and composItes, photonics and nanotechnology (IMIS2) (2014 - 2017)