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Laboratory instrumentation and equipment:

  • Vacuum ultraviolet monochromators for optical spectroscopy in the spectral range 120nm<λ<250nm: models McPherson 234/302, VM2.
  • Sources of vacuum ultraviolet light: deuterium lamps with MgF2 crystal windows, range 120nm<λ<350nm: Heraeus PSD 200/D200-VUV and Hamamatsu L10366.
  • Excimer laser PSX-100 (λ=157nm, pulse length 5ns.
  • CCD spectrographs for UV, visible and near IR (NIR) spectral ranges (190nm<λ<1150nm): Andor Newton DU971/Shamrock303 and Hamamatsu 10082CAH.
  • Monochromators for UV –visible- infrared ranges (190nm<λ<2000nm): MDR-2, AMKO-LTI and appropriate photomultiplier and photodiode detectors.
  • Multichannel photon counter for kinetic measurements in 100 nanosecond and longer time intervals: Fastcomtec 7882.
  • Cryostats and He refrigerator system for optical measurements in the temperature range 10K to 300K: Heraeus RW2/RGD210/ROK 10-300.
  • Optical and optomechanical elements for flexibly reconfigurable optical experiments involving luminescence and Raman scattering techniques: holders, positioners, filters, polarizers, light sources detectors, data acquisition systems with custom- developed (Labview) software.
  • Custom-built high-sensitivity Raman spectrometer : 532nm 1W excitation, backscattering geometry, registration by cooled CCD..
  • X-ray source for sample irradiation and X-ray induced luminescence measurements: URS60 (50kV, 15mA)
  • Equipment for measuring of UV-to-NIR range spectral losses in multimode optical fiber waveguides and for studying of losses induced by UV light ("solarization") or by ionizing radiation: optical positioners, fiber-optic SMA905 standard patch cables, excimer lasers, light source Ocean Optics DH200.