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Laboratory of EXAFS Spectroscopy
Last Update
(From left) Dr. A. Kaļinko, Dr. A.Kuzmins, Dr. J. Purāns and Dr. Ch. Lenser from the Jülich Research Centre performing synchrotron radiation experiments at the HASYLAB/DESY centre
(From left) Dr. A. Kuzmins and Dr. Ņ. Mironova-Ulmane performing Raman measurements using scanning confocal microscope with spectrometer Nanofinder-S
(From left) Dr. J. Purāns, K. Vilnis and Dr. R. Kalendarevs demonstrating the new direct current magnetron sputtering system G500M
(From left) Dr. A. Kaļinko, A. Anspoks and Dr. A. Kuzmins performing low temperature x-ray absorption experiments at the HASYLAB/DESY centre