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Laboratory of Wide Band Gap Materials
Last Update
(From left) Dr. V. Korsaks, Dr. L. Trinklere and Dr. B. Bērziņa preparing a luminescence measurement experiment for a setup consisting of ANDOR grating monochromator with CCD camera for luminescence analysis and registration and a close cycle helium refrigerator providing temperatures within the range of 8 K to 300 K
Dr. L. Trinklere working on spectrofotometer SPECORD for absorption spectra measurements within wide temperature range (8 K – 300 K) and spectral interval (190 nm – 1100 nm)
Staff of Laboratory together with colleagues – collaboration partners from Lithuania and Taiwan ( FM&NT conference)
(From left) Dr. L. Trinklere and Dr. B. Bērziņa together with partners Prof. K.-H. Chen and Prof. L.-Ch. Chen from the National Taiwan University