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Synthesis of rare-earth doped fluoride and oxyfluoride glass ceramics and nanocomposites.

Spectroscopic properties of rare-earth activated bulk materiāls are extensively studied many years.Based on these studies novel lasers, colour displays, light emiters and etc. are developed. Nanocomposites possess many intriguing properties which are not present in corresponding bulk materials. Therefore nanocomposites can be used in the fields, where the application of bulk materials is impossible, for example, in bionanotechnology, in nanophotonic, etc.In our laboratory the synthesis of nanoparticles is adopt and modified for the synthesis of rare-earth (RE) activated NaREF4 and BaREF4 nanocomposites. In addition it is working on a synthesis of new transparent oxyfluoride glass ceramics.

Studies of radiation energy transfer and relaxation mechanisms in doped nanocomposites by means of optical spectroscopy methods.

One of possible application of nanostructures is related with optical properties including luminescence of nanoparticles. In our lab photoluminescence spectra and kinetics of rare-earth activated complex fluoride nanostructures are studied in wide spectral and temperature range. Exciting radiation energy transfer and relaxation processes resulting in photoluminescence are studied. Much attention is paid for studies of upconversion processes in rare-earth doped nanofluorides which involve the absorption of multiple photons (usually IR) and subsequent emission of one single photon (VIS or UV).