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Publications in 2008
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SCI publications in 2008

1. B. Henke, U. Rogulis, S. Schweizer. Structure sensitive investigations on luminescence centres in Mn-activated LiBaF3 dosimeters. Radiation Measurements, 2008, vol. 43, pp. 319-322 (SCI, impact. factor 1.05).

2. V.Pankratov, L.Grigorjeva, S.Chernov, T.Chudoba, W.Lojkowski. Luminescence properties and energy transfer processes in nanosized cerium doped YAG. IEEE Transact.on Nucl.Sci. 2008, vol.55, No.3, p. 1509-1513.

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8. K. Kajihara, T. Miura, H. Kamioka, A.Aiba, M. Uramoto, Y. Morimoto, M. Hirano, L. Skuja, H. Hosono. Diffusion and reactions of interstitial oxygen species in amorphous SiO2: A review, J.Non-Crystalline Solids v.354, p.224-232(2008).

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12. A.N. Trukhin ,T.I.Dyuzheva ,L.M.Lityagina, N.A. Bendeliani. Photoluminescence excited by ArF and KrF lasers and optical absorption of stishovite mono-crystal J.Phys.: Condens. Matter 20 (2008), No17, 175206 (5pp).

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Others publications in 2008

1. L.Dimitrocenko, J. Grube, P. Kulis, G. Marcins, B. Polyakov, A. Sarakovskis, M. Springis, I. Tale. lGaN-InGaN-GaN near ultraviolet light emitting diode. Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences, 2008, vol.45, Nr.4, pp. 25-32.

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