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The cooperative research project No 10.0032, funded by Latvian Science council "Development of research and technology potential for elaboration of new and nanostructured materials and related applications" supports research and educational activities in the field of material physics and chemistry, with an emphasis on nanoscience-related aspects in materials having novel or improved optical, electronic, mechanical or chemical properties. Six administratively separate research institutions/universities participate in the project: University of Latvia (LU), Riga Technical University (RTU), LU Institute of Solid State Physics (project leader), LU Institute of Physics, RTU Inorganic Chemistry institute, Institute of Energetics. The aim of the project is, on the one hand, to support the further development of research and technology-related facilities and know-how in the respective fields of expertise of these individual institutions, and, on the other hand, to stimulate joint research and co-operative use of the technical infrastructure and instrumentation available at each location, and to provide a wider and more versatile basis for student education. The research topics within this project, which are currently developed in Institute of Solid State Physics include: thin film coatings and their interfaces, materials and techniques for holographic recordings, deep UV and fiber-optical materials, wide-band gap semiconductor emitters and detectors, optical, and electronic properties of nanoparticles and their composites, perovskite materials and their solid solutions, organic non-linear materials and luminophores.