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Design and study of glass forming low molecular weight organic materials for photonics (2013-2015)
Last Update

A new research group has been set up within the framework of the project at the Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP), University of Latvia (UL) in corporation with Riga Technical University (RTU) with the aim to attract additional 6.30 FTE human resources. The group includes two young scientists, 1 degree candidate, 4 PhD students and 3 scientists.

The scientific goal of the project is synthesis and investigation of physical properties of low molecular weight compound, which make amorphous thin films by wet casting method. Original low molecular weight organic glasses have been synthesized and there nonlinear optical, light-emitting, holographic recording properties have been investigated. Additional quantum chemical calculations have been made. This is an interdisciplinary project combining physics, chemistry and material science.

The project is realized for a period of 23 months (10.01.2013-31.08.2015).The project budget is 497990.91 EUR, including European Social Fund funding in the amount of 448837.80 EUR (90.13%),Latvian state budget - 48 154.25 EUR, ISSP and RTU co-financing - 1000.28 EUR.