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Development of polymer electro-optical modulator prototype
Last Update

Within the framework of the project on the basis experimental and theoretical knowledge is planned to develop technology for construction of polymer based electro-optical modulator (PEOM) and to create a prototype device of PEOM.

New products will be developed: 1 PEOM prototype, 1 new EO active material with high chromophore density and 2 new nonlinear optical chromophores with enhanced molecular hyperpolrizability.

New technologies will be established: 1 method for construction of PEOM and 1 method for obtaining EO active material.

Project is based of a synergy of following scientific directions. Development of PEOM prototype belongs to Optics (13.7), investigations of EO materials employed in PEOM are within a frame of Material chemistry (20.12) and Photonic materials research (26.3) and at last synthesis of active components of these materials, nonlinear chromophores, belongs to Organic chemistry (20.2). Usually an industrial research is carried out in several stages, each of them with no more than synergy of 2 different scientific fields. The planned synergy of 4 different scientific disciplines along with previous experience of project partners will provide the unique opportunity to create a polymer electro-optical modulator prototype in so short period of time and therefore the project has certain prerogative.

The project will be carried out in collaboration of Institute of Solid state physics University of Latvia and at Institute of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Material Sciences and Applied Chemistry of Riga Technical University.