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Andris Antuzevics
Working place:
Department of Crystal and Optoelectric Materials
Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Position: Researcher
Room: 528

Born: 1990

Languages: Latvian (native), English



University of Latvia, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

Career employment:

2016. -

Researcher, ISSP, LU

2014. - 2015.

Research assistant, ISSP, LU

2012. - 2013.

Engineer, ISSP, LU

Scientific interest:

  • Magnetic resonance spectroscopy methods (EPR)
  • Oxyfluoride glasses and glass-ceramics

Academic activities:

Participation in two lecture and laboratory courses on general and solid state physics topics. Supervision of BC, Mg. (2 projects).

Scientific projects:

Head of the project:

  • Scientific Research Project for Students and Young Researchers realized at the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia: "Local structure of Gd3+ paramagnetic probe in glass matrices containing fluoride nano-crystallites" (2015. - 2016.)

Participant in the projects:

  • ERDF-3 project: "New luminescent materials for gas sensors and light convertors" (2014. - 2015.)
  • Latvian Council of Science project: "Spectroscopic studies of advanced dielectrics and wide-gap semiconductors with different local disorder" (2013. - 2016.)

Participation in international conferences:

DOC 2016,

Open Readings 2016,


ENF 2015,

DOC 2015,




Selected publications:

  1. A. Antuzevics, U. Rogulis, A. Fedotovs, Dz. Berzins, V. N. Voronov, J. Purans. EPR study of Gd3+ local structure in ScF3 - crystal with negative thermal expansion coefficient. Physica Scripta, 2015, vol. 90.
  2. A. Fedotovs, A. Antuzevics, U. Rogulis, M. Kemere, R. Ignatans. EPR and MCD-EPR of Gd3+ ions in oxyfluoride glass-ceramics containing CaF2 nanocrystals. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 2015, vol. 429.
  3. A. Antuzevics, A. Fedotovs, U. Rogulis. EPR spectrum angular dependences in LiYF4 crystal. Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences, 2012, vol. 49, Nr. 6.