Advanced Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries (2019 - 2022)

Project leader Gints Kucinskis

Agreement No

Research application No

The aim of the project is to improve performance of electrode materials for sodium ion batteries. Two materials for sodium ion batteries are studied within this research project: NaMO2 and Na2MP2O7 (M – Fe, Mn or combination of both). The materials are synthesized, their structure, composition, morphology and electrochemical properties are being analyzed along. We study reduced graphene oxide as an additive for improved electrochemical properties. Electrochemical properties are studied as a function of NaMO2 and Na2MP2O7 phase transitions in equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions. The result of this project will be an improved cycling stability and power density of the studied sodium insertion materials.

Project is being carried out at Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia for 36 months starting from 01.04.2019. until 31.03.2022. The total costs of the project are 133 805.88 EUR.