Education in ISSP UL

Student training is inextricably linked with the scientific work of the ISSP UL. Physics Department (DP UL) of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry UL (FPMO UL) and the ISSP UL have developed a very long and strong collaboration. The Chair of Solid State Physics and Physics of Materials (Head of the Chair prof. U. Rogulis) has been operating as part of the FPMO UL since 2002. The Chair provides training courses in the field of solid state physics and materials physics and promotes FPMO UL collaboration with the ISSP UL which is the basis for the scientific work for students and teachers. Approximately one third of the Physics Department’s students have written their Bachelor and Master works at the ISSP UL scientific laboratories. As part of a project funded by ESF optional solid state physics and materials physics courses were introduced as part of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in 2008. The optional courses are also taught by the ISSP UL specialists.

Optional B module of the Bachelor’s program: Functional materials and nanotechologies:

2nd Sem. Materials in Nature and Technology (3 CPs.) by A. Šarakovskis

3rd Sem. Methods and Technologies of Measurements in Physics (2 CPs) by J. Grūbe

3rd Sem. Holography and Fourier optics (2 CPs) by M. Reinfelde/E. Potaņina

4th Sem. Development and Structuring of Thin Films (2 CPs) by A. Vembris

5th Sem. Basics of Solid State Physics (2 CPs) by J. Grūbe/U. Rogulis

6th Sem. Physics of Non-Crystalline materials (2 CPs) A. Siliņš

Optional B module of the Master’s program: Functional materials and nanotechologies:

1st–3rd Sem. Actual Problems of Solid State Physics and Materials Physics (3 CPs) by A. Šarakovskis

1st Sem. Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials (2 CPs) by A. Vembris

2nd Sem. Physics of Organic and Non-Organic Semiconductors and Their Applications (2 CPs) by A. Vembris/U. Rogulis/M. Rutkis

2nd Sem. Modern Functional Materials (2 CPs) by M. Dunce/A. Siliņš/F. Muktepāvela

3rd Sem. Structure and Description of Nanophases (2 CPs) by A. Kuzmins

3rd Sem. Solid State Spectroscopy (2 CPs) by U. Rogulis/A. Šarakovskis

In 2009 Doctoral school Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies UL was established by prof. A. Krūmiņš. Approximately 30 Doctoral and 25 Master’s students from Physics, Chemistry and Biology programs are studying here and taking part in various inter-disciplinary research activities. Also, students from Riga Technical University (RTU) are involved.

Studies also include collaboration between UL Optometry, Chemistry, Biology programs and RTU Materials Science program.

New courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students are planned to be developed within the CAMART2 project.