Laboratory of Prototyping of Electronic and Photonic devices does R&D and manufacturing of various microdevices and nanostructures: photonic and microfluidic devices, structures for nanowire investigations etc. Microdevices and structures are being manufactured in cooperation with scientific laboratories and high-tech companies.

Group is repsonsible of tools in cleanroom and does user training.

Scientific degree Name Surname Position Phone number E-mail
Dr. sc. ing. Gatis Mozolevskis Head of laboratory; Researcher
Dr. sc. ing. Roberts Rimsa Researcher
  Gunita Paidere Engineer
  Arturs Abols Engineer
  Karlis Grindelis Engineer
  Janis Lipenits Engineer
  Liga Jasulaneca Solid State Physicist

Photonic devices and structures


MEMS devices and structures


  • University of Latvia, Laboratory of Magnetic Soft Materials (Dr. G.Kitenbergs)
  • EuroLCDs
  • LightSpace Technologies


  • RISE (Dr. Q.Wang)