Laboratory of prototyping of electronic and photonic devices does R&D and fabrication of various microdevices and nanostructures: microfluidic devices, sensors, transistors etc. Microdevices and structures are used to study new materials, biological processes, physical phenomena and development of new products. Our group has industrial experience in fields of photonics, semiconductors and microfluidics.

Group is responsible of tools in cleanroom, process development and user training.

Scientific degree Name Surname Position Phone number E-mail
  Aleksejs Korabovskis Business Specialist   Aleksejs.Korabovskis
Dr. sc. ing. Gatis Mozoļevskis Head of the laboratory; Leading researcher   Gatis.Mozolevskis
Dr. sc. ing. Roberts Rimša Leading researcher   Roberts.Rimsa
Dr.phys. Thomas Alexander Yager Leading researcher   Tom.Yager
Dr.phys. Arunas Stirke Researcher   Arunas.Stirke
Mg. Edvīns Ļetko Research Assistant   Edvins.Letko
  Gunita Paidere Engineer   Gunita.Paidere
  Arnita Spule Engineer   arnita.spule
  Ralfs Belohvoščiks Engineer   Ralfs.Belohvosciks
Bc. Aleksejs Bendins Engineer   Aleksejs.Bendins
  Kārlis Grindulis Engineer   Karlis.Grindulis
  Miks Priedols Engineer   Miks.Priedols
Mg. Līga Jasulaņeca Solid State physicist   Liga.Jasulaneca


  • Organs on chips: gut on a chip, lung on a chip. Our group focuses on use of new materials, that would allow to reduce small molecule absorption and would ensure anaerobic conditions. Also we work on integration of sensors.
  • Microfluidic devices for extracellular vesicle separation and concentration from biological samples for early cancer diagnostics.

Cell culturing and studies of biological processes takes place at partner organizations.

Additional to applications in biology we are developing microfluidic devices for synthesis of spider silk and studies of magnetic particles.

Photonics: research and development of devices based on organic materials such as Su-8, PMMS and other materials. Studies of light coupling to polymer waveguides.

By combining skills and knowledge in microfluidics and photonics we are developing label free biosensors for detection of cancer biomarkers.

Liquid crystal displays: development of thins films and pattern fabrication for high voltage liquid crystal and other custom displays. Characterization of optical and electrical properties. Displays are made in cooperation with industrial partner EuroLCDs.


  • Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre (Dr.A.Abols and prof .A.Line)
  • Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (Dr. K.Jaudzems)
  • University of Latvia,
    • Institute of chemical physics
    • Laboratory of Magnetic Soft Materials (Dr. G.Kitenbergs)
    • Laser center (Dr. A.Berzins)
  • EuroLCDs
  • LightSpace Technologies


  • KTH (A.Herland)
  • RISE (Dr.Q.Wang)