Laboratory of Prototyping of Electronic and Photonic devices does R&D and manufacturing of various microdevices and nanostructures: photonic and microfluidic devices, structures for nanowire investigations etc. Microdevices and structures are being manufactured in cooperation with scientific laboratories and high-tech companies.

Group is repsonsible of tools in cleanroom and does user training.

Scientific degree Name Surname Position Phone number E-mail
Dr. sc. ing. Gatis Mozolevskis Head of laboratory
Dr. sc. ing. Roberts Rimsa Researcher
  Liga Jasulaneca Solid State Physicist

Photonic devices and structures


MEMS devices and structures


  • University of Latvia, Laboratory of Magnetic Soft Materials (Dr. G.Kitenbergs)
  • EuroLCDs
  • LightSpace Technologies


  • RISE (Dr. Q.Wang)