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The main research topics of the Laboratory are optical properties of amorphous materials and the related crystals and their changes caused by external influences or by different synthesis conditions. Of particular interest are the glassy and crystalline forms of silicon dioxide as well as the related materials and devices. This interest is driven by the widespread use of glassy SiO2-based materials in modern technologies. It is the material of choice for optical fiber waveguides, for elements of ultraviolet or high-power laser optics or radiation-resistant optics, for optical signal-processing and for design of nano-sized structures and devices. An important role in all of these applications is played by the so-called “point defects” or abrupt changes in the regular inter-atom bonding pattern, localized within a spatial region smaller than few nanometers.

Research is carried out mostly by experimental methods, the Laboratory facilities allow to perform measurements using optical absorption and various luminescence spectroscopies, infrared absorption and Raman scattering, vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy. Additionally, in collaboration with our partners, electron paramagnetic resonance studies are performed. The Laboratory maintains X-ray fluorescence microanalysis system and provides express chemical element analysis for other laboratories of the institute.