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Structural Unit
Theme1 CFI/ENG
Struct 1 CFI/ENG
  • Comparison of excitation spectra of Ce3+ (340 nm) and Tb3+ (542 nm) emissions for bulk and nanosized LaPO4:Ce,Tb at 10K in 3.5-10 eV spectral

    April 7, at 14:00 Kengaraga Street 8, 2nd floor hall

  • PHOTO: The launch of Latvia’s biggest science project CAMART2

    The biggest project in the history of Latvian science to date, CAMART2, has been launched in a collegial and constructive atmosphere at a ceremony attended by representatives of the European Commission, Latvian government officials, foreign cooperation partners and guests, as well as the orchestrators of the project, i.e. the employees of the Institute of Solid State Physics. The objective of the project is to strengthen the position of both the institute and the Latvian State within the European science sector through the development of the centre into a regional institution of European renown in the field of materials science and technology transfer.

  • The death of Dr. Andrejs Lusis

    It is with great sadness that we have to report that Dr. Andrejs Lusis, a Head of Semiconductor Materials Department from Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP), University of Latvia (Riga, Latvia); founder of solid-state-ionics research school in Latvia (15 scholars have defended Doctoral degree during the period from 1975-1999); together with professor E.A. Ukshe (1928–1993) from Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the RAS (Chernogolovka, Moscow district) organized series of international scientific conferences “Fundamental problems of Solid State Ionics” in Latvia, passed away on 1 February 2017 after a hard disease, which began in the summer of 2016.

  • Latvian delegates meet scientists and in-kind administrators at ESS
    Latvian delegates meet scientists and in-kind administrators at ESS

    Following a successful Partner Day in Riga this June, European Spallation Source (ESS) hosted a delegation from Latvia on its premises in Lund on 2-3 November 2016. The meeting provided an effective platform to explore collaboration opportunities between Latvia and ESS.

  • Winners of “WIDESPREAD 1-2014: Teaming” at the conference “Spreading Excellence and Crossing Innovation Divide” organized by the European Commission in Brussels.
    The European Commission will invest 15 million Euro in the Centre of Excellence of the Institute of Solid State Physics of the University of Latvia

    On November 23, 2016 during the conference “Spreading Excellence and Crossing Innovation Divide” organized by the European Commission in Brussels, the Director-General of DG Research and Innovation Robert-Jan Smits and Commissioner of Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas announced the winners of “WIDESPREAD 1-2014: Teaming” competition.

  • "Functional materials and Nanotechnologies" FM&NT-2017

    The next international conference 'Functional materials and Nanotechnologies', FM&NT-2017, will be organized by Estonian Physical

    Society (in cooperation with University of Tartu) and held at the Dorpat conference centre in Tartu, Estonia in April, 24 – 27, 2017.

  • ISSP UL preliminary selection of postdoctoral project

    Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia announces the start of Preliminary Selection of Postdoctoral Applications for submission to the State Education Development Agency for Activity “Post-doctoral Research Aid” of the Specific Aid Objective 1.1.1 “To increase the research and innovative capacity of scientific institutions of Latvia and the ability to attract external financing, investing in human resources and infrastructure”.

    The deadline for the submission is 24.10.2016.